Random Wisdom

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Spil Underholdning Ord
Forfatter: Solarsilk Interactive, Inc.

Random Wisdom is a game of chance that fuses a database of fascinating words into sublime wisdom, ridiculous catch phrases and / or universal truths for the modern age.

Random Wisdom is easy to play.
Step 1: Tap the Enlighten Me! button.
Step 2: Read two random phrases.
Step 3: Connect the dots in your mind and experience Random Wisdom.

Cool, huh? The good news is that there are no right answers, no scores, no competition. Its the perfect game. Youre always a winner. Just tap the button and Random Wisdom plucks two words from the database and compiles them into brand new custom made proverbs...

Plenty of market fluctuation.
Not enough moral obligation.

Plenty of sign language.
Not enough oxidation.

Plenty of telepathy.
Not enough paid vacation.

Plenty of hubbub.
Not enough lubrication.

These tasty nuggets and more can be yours.

Download the app for FREE with a database of more than 700 words and 22 original photographs to check it out.

Vocabulary builder?
Philosophical truth generator?
Quasi-intellectual time suck?

Who cares? Random Wisdom is all of this and more. Its good for your brain. And you never know, you might actually learn something...